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£1 billion in managed assets: An important milestone for Moneyfarm

In our business, growth can mean a number of different things. Our business grows when we enter new markets, take on new team members or open a new office. It also grows when we attract new customers. Ultimately, though, a key measure of a wealth manager’s size is the amount of wealth that investors entrust it to manage. 

At Moneyfarm, we recently passed a huge milestone in that area – £1 billion of assets under our management across all our operating markets. 

This has, of course, been an unprecedented and challenging time for people across the world. Periods of lockdown and societal change have affected lives in ways that were unfathomable just a short time ago, while uncertainty continues despite positive signs. Many, though, have also been looking to the future with optimism. 

A time for smart investing

Now more than ever it is important to have your savings in safe hands. At Moneyfarm, we actively monitor all our investments to make sure every portfolio is performing as well as it can be. We never leave portfolios to go stagnant and we’re always a phone call away if you have any concerns or want some guidance on how best to grow your wealth with us. 

Over the course of 2019, our clients nearly doubled the amount they had invested with us. 2018 closed with the figure at £485 million, growing to £824 million 12 months later. This positive trajectory continued into 2020, despite the challenging market conditions, with our customers making confident investment decisions and pushing their combined assets over the £1 billion mark. 

Moneyfarm’s business in 2019 was bolstered significantly by an exclusive partnership with Allianz in Germany and a strategic product collaboration with Poste Italiane customers in Italy. These partnerships introduced their customers to our technology, access that empowered them to invest with confidence. Both ventures were important steps in our plan for European expansion.

Developing our hybrid model 

Technology has and will always be central to our service. We launched in 2011 with a clear vision for a new kind of digital investment platform that would impact the entire investment industry and inspire positive change. Our product does what we know our investors want from a digital investment manager – it puts transparency and control in the pockets of our investors. 

It’s always been clear, though, that innovation is not just about technology, it’s about the relationships we build with our customers. Today, we use our expertise of investment managers and technology to make decisions with confidence, while also giving our investors access to our team of expert advisers who provide an institution-level investment service at a fraction of the cost. We know it’s important to have the right level of guidance, knowledge and support.

For us at Moneyfarm, reaching £1 billion in managed investments gives us even more drive to keep growing, and to keep providing a top-quality service that champions the very best parts of investing in the modern age at a fraction of the cost. 

The milestone is important in more ways than one. Financially, it is a significant threshold, but it’s also further proof that our model is becoming increasingly recognised by those looking for a fresh approach to managing their savings. We hope to continue on this upward trajectory into the rest of 2020 and beyond, to keep empowering our investors to make confident investment decisions and to welcome new clients on board along the way.

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