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The world’s first personal finance pop up shop

We have launched the world’s first investment pop-up shop in Milan. The pop-up shop, aims to educate everyone, from 5 to 95, about investing through a vibrant programme of games, talks and events. This is a pioneering first step to ensure our customers can speak to us in a way that suits them.

Customer interaction is critical for fintechs who want to build trust in products that are disrupting the personal finance sector (click here for reviews of our customers). These products are smarter and more cost effective than traditional offerings but they are new and what is new is often scary. Our investment boutique is a direct point of physical contact that customers can have with our team of experts and offers the perfect complement to our digital investment services.

We are convinced that the right mix of customer contact points both on and offline is the key to building trust and raising awareness of smarter ways to invest. There is huge strength in human interaction to provide an educational experience for all age groups.

The pop-up shop runs from 16 May to 8 July and is open throughout the day with a series of engaging events in the fashionable Brera district of the city.

The boutique houses a series of seven bespoke game installations that turn the topic of finance into a fun exploration to helps to lift the fog surrounding how investing works, as well as demonstrating our own digital wealth management services that include the UK’s first ever personal investment app.

Through interacting with the installations, visitors can discover our investment strategy, projected returns, the value of diversification and the advantages of our products over more traditional solutions.

Visitors will also be able to discover their individual investor profile and for those interested in learning more, there are consultants on hand for free one to one consultations.

The Boutique will host a programme of free events around the topics of finance, entrepreneurship and innovation with a series of talks and hands-on workshops. From networking evenings with wine tasting, breakfasts with reviews of the latest financial news and talks from leading industry experts across different sectors to coding for kids and special guest appearances throughout the summer, the MoneyFarm Investment Boutique promises to be a vibrant hub that will turn the traditional image of investing on its head in a fun and unique way.

The launch of our pop up shop is a direct bid to raise consumers awareness around investments and how to achieve the levels of savings needed to reach personal goals. Those putting money into low interest savings accounts are now struggling to accumulate enough to pay for major life events such as buying a house or saving for higher education. We’re looking to dispel the myths surrounding investing in 2016 as well as showing consumers face to face that a new way of investing transparently, without the steep charges and overall complexities is possible.