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What the Asset Allocation Team does for you

The Moneyfarm vision is a simple one; every family should have access to low-cost wealth management to help them protect their money and achieve those important financial goals. At the heart of this vision is our asset allocation team.

Everyone has goals they want to achieve, but many don’t have the time or resources to plan and execute an effective investment strategy to makes these dreams a reality.

That’s where our team of investment experts come in; they build and manage your investment portfolio to ensure your investments match your risk tolerance, and your journey to financial wellness is hassle-free.

Managing your investments can be hard work, taking time, knowledge and skill – you’ll also need more money to ensure you can afford to trade yourself.

At Moneyfarm, we do the hard work so you don’t have to – just because you’re saving for tomorrow doesn’t mean you should miss out on today because you’re spending all your time researching the market.

Reach your financial goals

Our asset allocation team constantly monitors the financial markets and run complex analysis and simulations on investment opportunities to ensure your portfolios match your tolerance to risk.

The working day is a long and busy one. You might not know how much work goes on behind the scenes as the team prefer to make few short-term changes to investment portfolios.

When building your portfolio, the team set target allocations for each asset class to reflect your tolerance to risk, which is determined through our investor profile questionnaire. This strategic asset allocation defines the long-term objectives of the portfolios, and complements our philosophy that long-term investing is an effective way to achieve your family goals.

Yet, we know markets move opportunities will present themselves along the way – which is when tactical asset allocation can really pay off. It still takes a lot of research, time and planning for our asset allocation team to respond to these tactical opportunities.  

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By making an investment, your capital is at risk.

Whilst each day is varied, whether it involves trading or speaking to the tech team, most of our time and resources go into research. This means our portfolio managers can make sure your investment portfolios are ready to exploit market trends and grow in value.

Holy grail for asset allocation

Understanding the complex ecosystem of the financial markets isn’t an easy task – we’ve already said that it takes time, knowledge and skill. Our team of experts have the patience and skill to thoroughly research different investment opportunities to ensure they’re suitable for you and your goals.

Your money matters to us, so we carry out extensive research to ensure our portfolios only contain strong products.

We test the impact of global trends like inflation or a company earnings season on the market with a number of mathematical formulas.

This research guides our investment decisions –it might reveal that a US investment is undervalued, but is expected to grow in the medium-term. When we identify an asset, we plot its scope for growth and outline how much it could lose to test its suitability.

Being able to accurately predict changes in an asset price is the holy grail of investors on the financial markets, after all.

Managing your investments takes constant monitoring of global market trends and financial opportunities – you can’t save this research just for when you set up your portfolio.

Do it yourself?

Juggling busy careers with a colourful family life, many families want a helping hand when it comes to protecting their money and making it grow for their family goals.

Now technology is removing the barriers to financial advice, all investors have access to low-cost, transparent, and hassle-free investment solutions for the family. You don’t just get to keep more of your money, but also more of your time, which means you can start making those family memories today.

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