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How to keep your investments in balance with nature

Socially responsible decisions can be made by all parties when it comes to investing. We call this ESG investing, being fundamentally based on key factors such as Environmental issues, Social values and Governance. If you want to make investments that are in balance with nature, we’re here to help you do just that.

Previously, ESG was thought of as simply an ethical decision. In recent times, however, the narrative around it has shifted significantly. Today, Socially Responsible Investing is seen as a way for investors to protect their portfolios from business risks posed by factors such as climate change and inequality. The landscape around it has also changed due to the development of a more sustainability-focused economy.

Being able to invest responsibly takes time and it has traditionally been for patient investors. It is not as easy as simply divesting from polluting companies or those with questionable morals. Rather, it’s about seeing the future through a different lens in broader terms, and planting seeds for tomorrow.

For example, investors from all over the world are expected to increase the share of assets which are sustainably invested by 2025. On average, 18% of assets were invested sustainably in 2020, with that number expected to grow to 30% by 2025. 

If your primary focus is profits and the performance of your portfolio in the short term, you can end up being an irresponsible investor. This is not necessarily a trade-off that needs to be made in 2022, however. We’re ready to help you avoid that, by challenging you to be bold and take steps that will not only enlighten your future, but also that of the planet.

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We’ll help you plan ahead by targeting assets and asset managers that behave in a certain manner, that is to say respectful not only of the environment, but also socially aware of what is happening around them. As stated previously, investing needs to be sustainable, not just ecologically, but also for yourself. Socially Responsible Investing, in fact, cannot exist without looking out for one’s own self-interest and wellbeing.

Speculative investment can rapidly become a zero-sum game for an investor: easy accessibility to online platforms, people’s social and economic situations, as well as social media influence, are all causes of speculative investment. This can be avoided with responsible investment decisions, made with the guidance of a professional to talk you through your options, as well as knowing one’s own limits and the appropriate moment to stop or take a break. 

You’ll only find inner peace when you are fully content with the choices you make. Let us help you make responsible ones, for everyone’s benefit.

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