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Investing is easier with a full team behind you

Teamwork is a trick that allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. At Moneyfarm, we’ll ensure that you achieve the long term financial goals you set out for yourself by giving you full access to a team of professionals who will support you in your journey.

How our team can help you

When it comes to supporting our customers, technology has an important role to play. It helps us to monitor our clients’ portfolios in order to ensure that they’re fit for purpose and performing. 

Technology can also give investors peace of mind, primarily by ensuring that their accounts are protected yet accessible, detailed yet straightforward. Having a digital platform that makes life as easy as possible for our investors is an important part of our proposition.

Ultimately however, the way in which we can be the most useful to investors is through our team’s expertise. No technological advancement can replace sage advice. We will help you clearly understand how markets are affecting your portfolio, as well as breaking down the most complex aspects of investing for you. You can discover Moneyfarm’s investment proposal and be set up with a portfolio that suits your goals and your financial situation in minutes. Simply complete the quick online process using the link below. 

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Why teamwork is the secret to investing

Particularly for beginners, investing may seem a little intimidating at first. There are many variables you’ll have to learn to deal with before you ever become truly comfortable investing, such as when and what you invest it, how much money you should invest and the amount of risk you are able to take. Having a team that fully supports you when making these decisions can be a weight off your shoulders and will help you on your way towards your goals.


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This is the secret to successful investing. You can be the most financially savvy investor out there, but without proper support and collective dedication it can become difficult to achieve your goals, as circumstances change and hurdles arise. With access to the combined wealth of knowledge of our team, better understanding the roles of financial instruments, asset classes, market conditions, and our investment strategy couldn’t be more straightforward.

By finding the Moneyfarm proposal that is most suited to your needs and goals, you’ll learn to let go of the uncertainty that can grip solo investors, and to trust our expert advice in times of volatility. We want to allow our investors to remove doubt from their minds and trust in the work of our experts.

We are always behind you, whatever you seek. Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


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As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Moneyfarm can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.