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Are your investments up to the Moneyfarm mark?

As the end of the tax year approaches, those looking to invest their money will be faced with a number of decisions around the best place for it. Different providers, different investment portfolios – there are numerous options, all of which have the express aim of protecting and growing wealth over time. 

For an investment to be up to the Moneyfarm mark, it needs to meet all of our five criteria. These are:

  • Personal investment adviser included
  • A portfolio that’s right for your profile
  • Proven investment record
  • Control at your fingertips
  • Low fees

Each one can make a real difference to the performance of a personal ISA, as well as the experience of saving itself. Look out for them when choosing the ISA portfolio that’s right for you. 

Personal investment adviser 

We are increasingly time-poor as a society, which can make it difficult to keep on top of your personal finances and to ensure that your investments are performing as well as possible. Digital platforms that give investors access to their performance data can help, but there is no substitute for one-to-one, dedicated digital investment advice and guidance. 

A Moneyfarm account comes with a personal investment adviser whose job it is to ensure that our investors have all the support they need to plan for their financial futures. Our team are on hand to provide in-depth guidance around your product options and to discuss any questions about your portfolio, so you feel confident choosing what’s right for you and planning your next steps. 

If your investment provider doesn’t offer dedicated support, it might be time to consider switching.

A portfolio that’s right for your profile

Not every investment scenario is the same. Investors will have different circumstances, different goals, different attitudes to risk and different time horizons. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing and these individual differences should all be reflected in an investor’s portfolio. 

We have seven investment portfolios of Moneyfarm, each with a different level of risk and each containing a mixture of asset classes and a range of individual exchange traded funds. When you sign up with us, you will be asked a series of questions that helps us determine the right investor profile for you. Our advisers will be there to discuss that profile, too, so you’re never left in the dark over your investment options. 

Depending on how comfortable you are with risk, your experience with investing, and your capacity for loss, your portfolio will reflect that with a profile to suit your financial goals. Your investment goals are personal – your investment profile should be too. 

Proven investment record

It goes without saying that, when you invest, you want those assets to perform. Beating inflation is the minimum when saving for the future, while the best ISAs will see returns strong enough to grow the pot and really make your money work for you.

Of course, there is no magic wand when it comes to growing portfolios. No one can guarantee that any given equity or bond will soar and there is no place for snake oil salesmen in personal finance.

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By making an investment, your capital is at risk.

What savers can control is the spread of their investments. At Moneyfarm, we employ a carefully constructed asset allocation strategy to drive performance, put together by our team of portfolio managers. Our portfolios contain a blend of diversified investments which help smooth out investment returns and mitigate areas of increased risk. Our portfolios are actively managed, meaning the mix of investments is never left stagnant and they are rebalanced when necessary to ensure they are best placed. 

Control at your fingertips 

In 2020, being unable to access a computer or call an adviser should not be a hindrance to anyone’s investment management. For real peace of mind and complete control, the very best investment managers will offer digital products that give their clients full access and transparency no matter where they are. 

Moneyfarm set of tools gives users everything they need to stay on top of their investments, with performance and asset allocation visualised in a straightforward, comprehensive way. The digital dashboard allows users to keep tabs on their performance, fund their accounts from anywhere and set up transfers, both on the mobile app and on desktop. Users can also withdraw at any time, for more control over their finances. 

Don’t get stuck without access to your account, make sure your investment is backed by a powerful digital offering.

Low fees from 0.35% p.a

Some investment providers will offer everything we have listed. They’ll invest your money well, be on hand to give advice, provide control and build a portfolio around you. The catch? They’ll charge you extortionate fees for the privilege. 

With Moneyfarm, you’ll pay a single management fee across all your products and the more you invest, the lower your effective fee rate will be. Whether you’re investing a few thousand pounds with us or hundreds of thousands, our investor-friendly fee structure is designed to suit your needs. 

We never charge for opening an account, we never charge additional commission or transaction fees, and we allow you to withdraw from our service at any time with no exit fees. 

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Are your investments up to the Moneyfarm mark? If you’re missing any of the five criteria, your investments could be in better hands. 

Investing your savings into a stocks and shares ISA rather than a cash ISA can potentially lead to much higher returns. For a deep dive into the pros and cons of both, take a look at our 10-year study of the returns of various asset types. 

Whether you’re considering an ISA, a pension or a GIA, the only way to get all of these features is with Moneyfarm. 

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