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What your consultant can do for you

The development of robo-advisors has encouraged investors and businesses to embrace digital financial services. At Moneyfarm, we see this as a positive trend, which is why we’ve weaved new tech into the fabric of our business model since day one.

Technology helps us to monitor the health of our client portfolios and ensure that performance is always in line with the investor’s goals. Equally, technology helps our customers access and control their accounts. Having a digital platform that makes life as easy as possible for our investors is an important part of our proposition.

Ultimately, though, there is no substitute for real-time, expert advice. To us, our team of dedicated, qualified investment advisors is just as important to our proposition as the technology that underpins our business. This is why we’ll always be more than a robo-advisor.

If you have a Moneyfarm account, you have access to our advisors. Here’s how to take full advantage of our years of experience. 

Investment guidance

One of our team’s most valuable functions is offering guidance on the built-in investment advice to our clients. Particularly in times of turbulence or uncertainty, having an expert on the other end of the phone can be pivotal in knowing where to put your money, or how markets are affecting your portfolio.

Our advisors can help you build a clear, transparent picture of your portfolio’s performance. You can find all the information through our digital platforms, but the ability to discuss your situation and your investment horizon in greater detail is something our customers value. 

If you’re new to investing or aren’t particularly finance-savvy, then our team of advisors is ready and able to cut through the financial jargon and break down the more difficult concepts for you. With access to the combined wealth of knowledge of our team, better understanding the roles of financial instruments, asset classes, market conditions, and our investment strategy couldn’t be easier. 

Whether you want to explore different options for your investment portfolio, get guidance on how to save, or want to know how recent developments might affect your returns, our advisory team will have the answers.

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk. T&Cs and ISA rules apply.

Financial admin

We know that, in an ideal world, no one would regularly spend hours poring over their investments to ensure they’re fine-tuned. The handling of time-consuming financial admin is the real nuts and bolts of what our advisory team does. Ultimately, they’re here to help and to make your experience investing with us as smooth as possible. 

Say you wanted to transfer a pension from another provider, move funds from your available cash into the markets, or just top up your existing investment account, this is where the team can help. All you need to do is instruct your advisor and they’ll handle the rest. Most of these functions can be taken care of digitally, but it’s always helpful to talk through any big financial decision before you make it. 

This isn’t the only thing they can help you with, either. Our team also has access to a full external review service for your investments. This free and impartial service pulls together your investments across different providers into one concise, informative analysis of how they’re performing and what they’re invested in.

Portfolio suitability

From the beginning of your time with Moneyfarm, the advisory team is there to make sure you’re matched with the right portfolio. We’ll get in touch early on to go into more detail about you as an investor and how well you fit with the portfolio we’ve built for you. 

Following that, your advisor is always on hand to talk through your portfolio and assess whether or not it still aligns with your long term financial goals. If for any reason your portfolio is no longer a perfect match, we can discuss different options for you going forward. 

Suitability is one of the most important facets of wealth management – as your life changes, so should your investments. Moneyfarm advisors will reach out throughout the year to discuss any necessary changes to your risk level or type of investment.

Every six months, you’ll have the opportunity to review your risk level. Similarly, every year, you’ll be prompted by our system to re-take the onboarding questionnaire that helps us determine the appropriate level for you. These reviews can make all the difference to how well your portfolio performs relative to your goals. This might sound daunting but it shouldn’t – our advisors are here to talk you through your options and help you decide when a change might be needed.

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Moneyfarm can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.