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Investment Opportunities UK: Best Ideas for Property & Business

With inflation running as high as it is now, putting your money into ordinary saving account funds is not a good idea in terms of the future value of your savings. Your money could perform far better and hopefully outpace inflation if you take advantage of some of the investment opportunities UK 2023 offers.

🤔 Things to consider?Short-term and long-term goals and investor profile
⚖️ Is property investment long-term or short-term?Long-term
🔥 Some of the best investment opportunities in the UK?• Stocks and shares
• Real estate
• Government/corporate bonds
☝️ How beginners should start investing?Consult with a financial advisor regulated by FCA or use a roboadvisor

However, you need to be aware of any potential risk and the best way of minimising it. That’s why this Moneyfarm blog has been written – to help you understand the pros and cons of the UK investment opportunities 2020 and later years brought about and to protect your money in real terms. A general investment account could be the perfect vehicle for you.

Should you invest your money right now?

With inflation rampant again, at 9%, the highest in 40 years and the Bank of England forecasting it will increase to 11%, investing is back on many people’s agendas big time. It might be UK property investment opportunities or UK business investment opportunities; whatever the focus is, UK investors are primed and ready.

Buy-to-let opportunities UK

Developing an investment strategy is your first step. However, you shouldn’t just plough ahead willy-nilly until you’ve done some research. Yes, prices rise in commodities, property, company shares, and other investment options, but they fall too. Having to realise your investment when the market in which you are invested is at a low can mean you will end up with less money than you invested.

That’s why when considering investment opportunities in the stock market, shares ISA market, or property market, you should consider long-term investments, not short-term.

It is also essential that you think about your short vs long-term financial needs. If all your savings are tied up in long-term investments, and you have little liquidity, you could find yourself in trouble when the unexpected happens.

One of the property investment opportunities UK investors plump for is the buy-to-let market. Initially, it seems like a good idea as bricks and mortar are generally considered to be a sound long-term investment. You also have rental income coming in from the property or properties in question, so what can go wrong?

Unfortunately, plenty of things that can go awry, as you may have seen if you watch TV programs like Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords, or Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords. Tenants failing to keep up with the rent, withholding the rent altogether, and trashing properties, causing thousands of pounds in damage, are all too frequent.

What was considered good buy-to-let investment opportunities UK 2020 are no longer thought of as best investment opportunities UK. With the government making it more difficult for landlords to achieve the profits they once did, the property market is seemingly becoming increasingly stretched.

We here at Moneyfarm produced an eBook which is an interesting read. The eBook looks at alternative UK investment opportunities to property, how property market shifts could affect you, and how your investor profile can impact your investment choices.

Investing a little money in small business investment opportunities UK

The release of the Schroders British Opportunities Trust IPO back in 2020 caught the eye of many investors. Today, the Schroders British Opportunities Trust Prospectus is still attracting investors to its business model, which focuses on providing ESG-minded UK businesses with new equity.

What you could do with a £10,000 investment sum

Another fund which, like the Schroders British Opportunities Trust Fund, seeks to help UK investors to achieve growth of 10% or more on their investments is the Miton UK Value Opportunities Fund Trustnet.

Both funds are long-term investment trusts with a 5-year investment recommended as the minimum term. With a diversified portfolio covering industrials, financials, materials and communications, plus real estate, communications, health care, IT and energy, the Miton Trustnet fund could be a sound proposition.

Then there is the Invesco Perpetual UK Opportunities Fund. This fund is another long-term investment (five years plus). A minimum of 80% of Invesco UK opportunity’s equity’s assets are related to companies domiciled or carrying out the central part of their business here in the UK. It offers good diversification with a portfolio encompassing between 35 to 45 stocks.

If you are wondering how to invest £10,000 in UK businesses, all three of these funds are worthy of consideration.

What about angel investment opportunities in the UK?

The Angel investment opportunities UK market is alive and well, but it is not something to be recommended for the newbie investor.

Angel investments, in most instances, are private funding arrangements with businesses experiencing problems. Sometimes they are also viewed as start-up investment opportunities UK.

Angel investing is very different from a pulled funding arrangement because many angel investments are singular, individual investments that carry a reasonably high risk.

Is Bitcoin a wise investment

We talk about an investor’s appetite for risk or how risk-averse they are, and this is something that needs to be considered with Bitcoin.

Warren Buffett may well be proven to have been right in his distaste for digital currencies. His opinion was to place more value in stocks because he thinks that Bitcoin and other associated cryptocurrencies will come to a bad end. He could well be right.

From an all-time high of $68,000 on 9 November 2021, on June 10 2022, Bitcoin dropped to $29,083.8 before plunging to $20,381.65 on 16 June 2022. The drop is being blamed mostly on inflation, and with inflation as high as it is currently, it’s not good news for crypto. Having said that, investing in a product when prices are low is the right way to go, providing you’re prepared to look long-term.

How to double your money without risk

I’m afraid the answer to this question is that it can’t be done unless you are extremely canny in terms of making short-term investments, and even then, there will always be some degree of risk.

How beginners should start investing

The number of suitable investment opportunities UK, be they small investment opportunities UK, good business investment opportunities UK or something else entirely, are almost countless and certainly very confusing for a new investor.

Find yourself a financial services specialist advisor that is regulated by the financial conduct authority, like us here at Moneyfarm.

When it comes to investment ideas UK up to 2020, 2021, and now in 2023, we will be your guide. So whether you are wondering how to invest £100,000 or whether you should start up a Stock and Shares ISA, we offer investment advice online or via our app and recommend actively managed portfolios that fit your risk level after establishing your investor profile via our questionnaire. We offer investment opportunities for UK residents regardless of their nationality.

Where should you invest your money right now?

If you are wondering where or what you should invest your money in right now, we here at Moneyfarm will be pleased to help.

We are not all-seeing or all-knowing. Nobody is. But we have more experience with finance and investing, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you to help you invest, short and long term, and watch your money grow and hopefully beat inflation.


What is the best investment for money UK?

Some of the best investment alternatives to cash savings include stocks and shares, bonds, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, commodities, cryptocurrency, pension funds, and many others.

Is buy-to-let worth it?

Yes, if done well, a buy-to-let can be an excellent investment strategy that offers a regular source of income. Buy-to-let property investments have a potential long-term return on investment. On the other hand, it is a high-maintenance investment, and your asset (your house) is locked away for a long time and hard to access (i.e. you can’t sell it quickly).

Can I invest in small businesses?

Yes, you can invest in small businesses. There are several ways to go about it. You can lend capital to the business through a loan or by buying company shares. You can find small businesses by looking for opportunities in your personal networks, talking to other investors, and checking startup news publications. You can also invest in funds such as Schroders British Opportunities.

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