Investing, property, and buy-to-let

A closer look at buy-to-let property investments

Safe as houses

Buy-to-let has become big business in the UK, and is a popular choice for investors looking for regular income and capital growth. When done well, it could just be that roof to shelter you from future storms.

But with the government making it tougher for landlords to make the returns they once did, and the property market starting to look stretched, is it time investors took another look at the risks associated with their investment?

In this book we look at the changing face of the buy-to-let market. Property might not be the obvious choice popular opinion would have you believe. Check your emotions at the door and start balancing the returns against the risks.

You can also download a Kindle version for £2.99.

The guide will cover:

  • The business of property and generation rent
  • Why is buy-to-let popular?
  • Cost considerations and potential returns of a buy-to-let investment
  • Alternative investments to property
  • How your investor profile impacts investment choices
  • A look at whether the property market might be about to shift


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