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Five TV series for summer: interpreting the world

The world is going through a period of complex political, social and economic change. With relentless inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the advent of artificial intelligence, it would be easy to be overwhelmed by the constant flow of news coming from all over the world.

This year, in addition to our usual literary recommendations, we also want to suggest some TV series that offer insight into the challenges that humanity is facing and will continue to face.

Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker – Episode 1 – Season 6 – Netflix

How would you react if you were to discover that a global streaming service used your life, including all your secrets, to create a TV series? In the first episode of the sixth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, all the problems potentially stemming from the abuse of artificial intelligence technologies and image rights are explored in Brooker’s idiosyncratic style to powerful effect.

Succession by Jesse Armstrong – Now TV

Family businesses around the world are the beating heart of our global economic system. However, transitioning to having the second generation at the helm of the company is often a struggle. This is generally because founders often find it difficult to let go of their creation and pass it on to the next generation. Succession highlights this precarious transition and the family difficulties that go along with it.

Towards the Future by The Verge, an American magazine – Episode 11 – Season 1 – Netflix

We already live in an interconnected world, but what would happen if we could connect our organs to the internet and see in real-time what’s happening inside us? And what if we had a super organ that healed us from within? Utopia? In the eleventh episode of “Towards the Future”, future projects that scientists are working on are described in great detail, such as the 3D printing of organs.

A World in Motion by Silverback Films in collaboration with the WWF – Episode 1 – Season 1 – Netflix

What impact is climate change having on the animal world? The first episode of this series provides an overview of the problem, focusing especially on the need for the migration of living creatures to survive. An ambitious documentary that showcases the beauty of our planet despite everything.

Trauma Zone by Adam Curtis – iPlayer

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to shape global economic and geopolitical trends. To understand the actions of the present, however, one must look to the past. Curtis’s latest documentary describes Russia between 1985 and 1999, focusing on the collapse of the Soviet Union. A raw and unfiltered look that helps understand the current country of Vladimir Putin. 


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