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Why you should choose a team of consultants for your ISA

Starting to invest can be a scary endeavour, especially for beginners. This is why we believe that investing can be easier and more interesting if you allow a qualified consultant to help you make important decisions that will benefit you and your savings in the long term.

At Moneyfarm, we believe that it’s important to give every client the full picture. This, of course, includes the ways in which markets can affect their portfolio, as well as a transparent view of what its performance may look like in the future by taking into consideration every variable. 

Moneyfarm exists, in part, to help you navigate through potentially stressful financial decisions. It can pay to have someone to smooth out the process and help you achieve your goals: expert advice can help you gain confidence when investing by firstly setting you up with your ideal portfolio and, secondly, helping you to manage it. 

How consultants can help you with your ISA investments

Access to an investment consultant is a key part of the Moneyfarm service. Arranging a cash ISA is a relatively straightforward endeavour to undertake on your own. When it comes to Stocks and Shares ISAs, however, there are a number of variables to consider, which a consultant can help you take into account. This starts at the level of risk you feel comfortable taking on. 

In order to do this, we do not rely solely on analytics from a robo-advisor. We use technology to help us make decisions, but there is no substitute for real-time, expert advice. Our goal is to keep investors up to date with market conditions, inflation and the asset classes that make up their portfolios, along with anything else that could affect their investment strategy. This is particularly important in more turbulent times, such as the past 18 months.

The dangers of investing alone

The first and perhaps most prevalent negative part of investing without expert help is the fact that it is a process that can rapidly become very stressful and time-consuming. This is particularly true if you only find time to do your own research after university classes or work, which leaves a pretty limited window to carry it out. The handling of time-consuming financial admin is the real nuts and bolts of what our advisory team does.

With a team backing you, it also becomes easier to manage the emotional and behavioral side of investing, such as bias and other aspects. It becomes much easier to remain consistent with your investing, to stick to a long term plan. If you invest for the long term, are you sure you will still have the time, resources and energy to manage your finances down the line? We can help with all that.

Moneyfarm offers a personal consultancy service that is rare in the financial world. With a Moneyfarm ISA, our investors have access to an award-winning team of investment consultants that monitor the ongoing suitability of your portfolio and ensure that your investments stay fit for purpose. Remember, inflation rates are at record levels and the tax deadline is approaching, so act fast in order to avoid placing your capital at risk of devaluation. Whether you have questions about your account or just want to get our perspective on market activity, we’re on hand to help.

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