A guide to investing

Learn how to invest your money and maximise the returns

Whether you’ve just become an investor, or you’re considering getting started, this is a great place for you to begin immersing yourself in the world of investing.

In this essential guide to investing, you’ll find a series of articles introducing you to some of its fundamental concepts, along with their importance in kickstarting your investment journey.

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  • What is investing and how do I start?

    A short overview of the world of investing. We take a look at what it means to invest, why different investment products exist, and what it takes to build an appropriate portfolio to reach your long term goals.

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  • Understanding investment risk

    The word risk may be off putting to first-time investors. Here, we take a look at what it means, its different forms and why, ultimately, it’s a necessary force in generating returns.

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  • What is capital?

    Capital is a ubiquitous term within the world of investing. Here, we give an overview of what it means, why it may appear similar to cash, and what you can do to reduce its exposure to risk.

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  • What is liquidity?

    Liquidity is key for any investor, as well as for the overall health of an economy. Here, we explore what it means and why it is critical to achieving your long term financial goals.

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  • What is an index?

    Indices are tools that enable investors to monitor financial markets. Here, we take a closer look at what indices are, their history, and their role within the world of investing.

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  • What is a bond?

    Bonds are popular investment vehicles. Here, we unpack what they are, what their key advantages are, and what considerations investors need to take before including them in their portfolios.

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  • What are interest rates?

    Interest rates have a profound effect on anyone’s ability to spend and save money. Here, we explore what they are and how they relate to personal investing as well as wider economies.

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  • What is diversification?

    All investors, no matter their level of experience, should reduce the risk in their portfolios with this crucial technique. We explain what the term means, how it can be achieved, and the role it plays in generating your returns.

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  • What is asset allocation?

    Asset allocation is the most important decision an investor can make – it is the implementation of your investment strategy. Understanding what it is and how it is done effectively could be the key to maximising your returns.

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  • Asset classes demystified

    In order to achieve diversification, it’s important to understand the different asset classes that are available to investors. Here, we provide a simple and short overview of some of the most popular choices.

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  • Can you time the markets?

    The short, straight-forward answer to this question is no. Here we explain why attempting to time the markets is a bad idea, as well as illustrate the potential costs of getting it wrong.

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  • What does low-cost mean?

    Investment costs can take a toll on your overall returns. Here, we lay out the basics of pricing and give you tips on how you can find the cheapest way to invest your savings.

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  • Investing with a direct debit

    Setting up a direct debit can make investing easier and more affordable. Here’s an overview of why regular top ups can be beneficial in both the short and long term.

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