A guide to financial markets

Knowing how financial markets work is the first step to better investments

Whether you’re new to investing or simply curious, this is an ideal place for you to start exploring some of the key concepts within the financial industry. 

In this essential guide to financial markets, you’ll find a series of articles introducing you to some of the fundamental terms and to how they relate to the world of investing. 

Got the basics covered already? You may want to put your knowledge into action and stay informed on current events by taking a look at our insights on financial markets.

  • What is equity?

    Equity is a concept you’ll encounter early on when investing, but it’s multiple meanings can make it difficult to understand. Here we break down what it means and how it can help you reach your goals.

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  • What is credit?

    Credit is a concept that goes far beyond our daily use of credit cards. Here, we navigate its wider meaning, application, and its relevance to investing.

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  • What is volatility?

    Volatility might be one of the most basic financial concepts, but it’s often misunderstood. You can use volatility to help you reach your financial goals.

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  • What is inflation?

    Inflation plays a key role in our day-to-day quality of life. Here, we take a closer look at what it means, what causes it, and how it can impact investment decisions.

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  • What is a Central Bank?

    Also referred to as the “banker’s bank”, central banks play a vital role in the regulation of a country’s or region’s economy. Here, we explore the different functions that central banks have and how they influence our day-to-day spending decisions.

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  • What is GDP?

    GDP is typically used to measure the health of an economy. Here, we lay out what it really means, how it is measured and its primary effects on investment choices.

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  • What is compound interest?

    Compound interest is arguably one of the most powerful forces on the financial markets – even Einstein was a fan. By helping maximise your returns, it can help you reach your goals quicker than simple interest alone. Here we explain what it is and how it’s calculated.

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