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Investing when baffled by Brexit

Behind every investment is a person, a person with goals they’re trying to achieve. This year, Moneyfarm takes to the streets to speak to the people behind the investment and share their stories.

Alfredo Carta, 42, is an optimist; it’s how he managed to transition from washing dishes to a London homeowner in just six years. He’s also someone who enjoys life more than work, but, when it comes to his investments, he wants to know he’s taken seriously – especially as he wants to retire early.

That’s why, as Brexit uncertainty gripped markets last year, Alfredo transferred his stocks and shares ISA to Moneyfarm in the search for support. He hasn’t looked back.  

Everyday savings

Alfredo knows that to get where he wants in life, he needs to save. He believes in the power of everyday savings and spends time outlining his budget each week. It’s not always easy, but he makes the sacrifices to stick to it.

“I’m a good saver,” he explains. “If you can save money you can achieve anything.”

And he’s proud of what he’s accomplished so far. After selling the family business with his father at 29, he retrained as an architect. But, in the fall out of the financial crisis, he found himself stuck interning for free in a London architect office by day and washing dishes by night.

Today, he’s an architect sales manager living in Notting Hill with his partner of 12 years, after buying their first home together in 2015.

Investing through Brexit

Alfredo knows that in the pursuit of his goals, he’s going to have to try new things. Fed up with the measly returns from his savings account, he wanted to try managing his stocks and shares ISA portfolio himself.

He enjoyed the independence of managing his own DIY portfolio of shares and funds, but then the backdrop shifted with the UK’s unprecedented vote for Brexit. Unsure of what to do and without much-needed advice or guidance from his online broker, Alfredo wanted to put his long-term investments in the hands of experts, and take a back seat.

In his search for an alternative place to invest for his future, the digitally savvy investor spent his time thoroughly researching the market before picking Moneyfarm.

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He trusts the concept of investing online, but is thankful Moneyfarm’s investment consultants are just at the end of the phone. They helped ease any nerves about transferring his ISA, which was actually much quicker than he expected. The more confident he’s become in Moneyfarm, the more he’s invested.

“I feel secure in Moneyfarm’s hands because they’re keeping an eye on Brexit and looking after my money during a period of uncertainty,” he says.

What doesn’t he like? That Moneyfarm doesn’t yet offer a pension product – he wants to keep all his investments in one place.

Investing independence

Whilst he’s enjoying taking a back seat for his long-term future, he hasn’t given up all his investing independence. The sales manager’s main passion is the fast-paced world of forex, and he supplements his long-term investing with this algorithmic trading.

Any profit he makes here feeds back into his long-term Moneyfarm portfolio, along with his hard-earned savings. Whilst he knows the benefits of drip-feeding cash into his investments, he feels more in control topping up his portfolio with lump-sum investments.

Retire to the sun

Alfredo, the investor who views the glass as half full, has a dream. He wants to retire early – 55 is the aim, but he’ll be happy if it’s before 60. He then wants to move to Miami and rent out his London home to boost his income during retirement.

He explains: “I want to move to Miami to enjoy the life at a good age, the sun’s good for you!”

Alfredo knows this is ambitious, but he has a habit of working hard to turn his dreams into reality.

“I’m a normal guy with a normal job. I started washing dishes, have bought a house and invest with Moneyfarm,” he concludes. “I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far.”

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