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Financial Advisors in Manchester: Independent Financial Planners

If you live in Manchester and are seeking financial advice about investing or private pensions, why not do what so many Mancunians do and get in touch with us here at Moneyfarm?

With inflation as high as it now is and soon to reach double figures for the first time in over 40 years, simply putting money into a savings account has never cost you more in real terms. Why not use our financial advisor Manchester online platform to discover how to turn that loss into a potential gain?

Financial Advisors in Manchester: Independent Financial Planners: Summary Table

🤓Should I hire a financial adviser?You should hire a financial adviser if you have no investment experience and are ignorant of wealth management strategies
💸 How much do Moneyfarm advisors cost?Absolutely nothing
☝️ Are financial advisors and planners the same?No, they are not the same
✅ How to find a legit Manchester financial advisor?The financial advisor must be authorised and regulated by the FCA and have qualifications

Seek financial advice or go it alone?

The more you save, the more you stand to lose in real terms. But putting your money into the right investment products, rather than allowing your cash to devalue in a savings account, can change everything.

While there are many good financial planners in Manchester, not many can match the knowledgeable, expert, friendly investment advisory service you will receive from the team here at Moneyfarm.

You wouldn’t be the first to ask whether you should seek financial help or go at it alone. Many people ask themselves whether it is worth the money to hire a financial adviser. But the fact of the matter is that many people could benefit from working with a firm of independent financial advisers, but they don’t and are the worse off for it.

Are you one of these people? Here are a couple of the signs that could indicate you are.

  • If your financial strategy is a mixture of winging it and using Google
  • When your finances are disorganised and you’re not sure where you stand
  • You have difficulty unscrambling financial jargon
  • You find taxation information confusing and difficult to understand
  • You are not aware of the choice of investment vehicles out there

If any of the above-listed scenarios apply to you, it would be advantageous to get in touch with an independent financial adviser in Manchester by visiting the Moneyfarm website.

Are financial advisors and planners one and the same thing?

Whereas job titles in industries like law and medicine are well defined, that is not the case in the finance industry. Terms like financial advisor in Manchester, pension adviser in Manchester, and financial planner in Manchester, are bandied around freely and frequently, so it’s understandable there is some confusion. But the main differences between financial planners vs financial advisors include:

  • Financial advisers are more prone to concentrate on investment management, whereas financial planners exercise a more holistic approach.
  • Financial advisers are apt to adopt a narrower approach than financial planners when offering financial guidance.
  • Financial planners tend to form longer relationships with their investors than do financial advisers.

Overall, investors see professionals who call themselves planners as being more approachable than advisors.

A good financial advice Manchester-based wealth specialist should be able to offer general investment advice and pensions advice, and tell you how to go about creating a plan to achieve your financial goals. We do it all here at Moneyfarm.


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Do you need a financial adviser or planner?

Whether you are looking for a financial planning firm or a firm to offer financial advice on the wide range of financial products available, Moneyfarm is your one-stop-shop financial services specialist. We can be your independent financial advisors in Manchester and help you build a workable investment strategy.

Using Moneyfarm as your specialist pension advisor in Manchester

One of the most important financial decisions you will make in life will be ensuring you can live the life you are accustomed to in your retirement years. If you choose Moneyfarm as your independent advisor in Manchester, you’ll find the pension advice service we offer extremely helpful.

Please take a quick peek at the investor profile page on our website. It shows you the wide range of services and products we offer, from defined benefit pension schemes and SIPPs to Stocks and Shares ISAs, and government bonds. We will help to try and ensure your financial planning strategy gets you where you want to be in terms of financial security.

How much do independent financial advisors in Manchester cost?

If you’re worried about cost, don’t be. Chatting to us is convenient and free. One of our jobs as your wealth manager is to minimise any costs. You’ll find that the products we offer carry the lowest fees possible – as with our robo-advisor platform. You don’t need face to face meetings to ensure your investments are performing as they should. Our reporting services tell you everything you need to know.

The best financial advisors in Manchester

Even if we do say so ourselves, Moneyfarm is one of the best financial advisors in Manchester. We are independent, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. So why not call us today to discuss setting up a general investment account?


How much does a financial advisor cost in the UK?

Financial advisors can charge a flat, hourly, monthly, yearly, or ongoing fee, depending on the type of services you require. The UK average rate per hour is about £150 per hour, but it can range from £75 to £350. Flat rates can go into thousands of pounds, while monthly fees can be a percentage of the investment (1% and 3%) or a flat fee.

Can I get free financial advice?

It all depends on the financial advisers. Some financial advisors have a first free consultation, while others will charge an upfront fee. At Moneyfarm, you get free digital investment advice and free access to financial experts via a call or chat who then match your investor profile to a portfolio tailored to your financial needs.

How do I choose a financial advisor?

Choose a financial advisor based on your financial needs, fees, and services. Your financial advisor should be a person who you are comfortable with and who can help you achieve your financial goals and ambitions. Ensure that they have professional certifications and designations such as CFA, CFP, or CIMA and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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