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Financial Advisors in Liverpool: Independent Financial Advice

If you are a Liverpudlian looking for some independent financial advice regarding investing or private pensions, you could follow the lead of many investors in Liverpool and contact us here at Moneyfarm.

At the time of writing, inflation has just reached 9% here in the UK. It’s the highest it has been since 1982 and experts predict that it will shortly reach double figures. So, the time has never been more appropriate to make sure your savings are put into the right investment vehicle to ensure you get an excellent return to match and, if possible, beat the rising rate of inflation.

Please feel free to use our Liverpool financial advisor platform and check out the options open to you on our investor profile webpage.

Financial Advisors in Liverpool: Independent Financial Advice: Summary Table

❓ Do I need a financial advisor or DIY?It depends on your financial background and knowledge
💷 How much do Moneyfarm fees cost?Moneyfarm fees depend on the investment amount, and it ranges from 0.35% to 0.75%
🙋‍♀️ Independent or dependent financial advisor?An independent advisor is recommended to eliminate organisation bias
☝️ Most important thing to rememberThe financial advisor must be authorised and regulated by the FCA and must have qualifications

Should you seek independent financial advice or go down the DIY route?

With the rate of inflation standing at 9% and likely to go higher, any money you have in a cash savings account will be losing value in real terms. With interest rates on cash savings accounts between 1% and 2.85% for fixed-term accounts, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to realise that your money will be devaluing at a rate of knots.

Of course, there are many excellent financial advisors in Liverpool, but you will find it difficult to track one down that offers the same expert, in-depth advice on investing that we do here at Moneyfarm.

Depending on your background, you may have sufficient knowledge of the industry to go at it alone. However, there are so many investment products available on the market today that it can be pretty confusing, even for knowledgeable investors. Even these guys can benefit from using our financial advice Liverpool platform.

What will it cost you to hire a firm of Liverpool financial advisors?

Cost is always high on the mind of investors, and rightly so. If you pay too much in terms of management fees, it will negatively affect your financial goals. Having said that, getting the best financial advice on investing can save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

If you use the advisory service we offer here at Moneyfarm, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our management fees are. Our simple fee structure is a 7-tier system starting as low as 0.35%.

If you hire Moneyfarm as your wealth manager, our fee structure looks like this:

  • From £500 – 0.75%
  • From £10,000 – 0.70%
  • From £20,000 – 0.65%
  • From £50,000 – 0.60%
  • From £100.000 – 0.45%
  • From £250,000 – 0.40%
  • Above £500,000 – 0.35%

For these remarkably low fees, you can open a general investment account that is fully managed with an investment portfolio optimised for diversification in global equities. You will also be allocated a dedicated investment consultant to offer investment advice and help you to form an investment strategy.

Is it worth hiring Moneyfarm as your independent financial adviser in Liverpool?

The answer is yes. It is definitely worth hiring Moneyfarm as your independent financial adviser in Liverpool. Together, we will evaluate your personal circumstances to develop a financial plan to realise your investment goals.

Whether it is a Stocks and Shares ISA, an ETF Investment ISA, Corporate or Government Bonds, Mutual Funds, or Pension Advice and Products, as your independent financial adviser in Liverpool, we will help you build an investment portfolio that will not only be a hedge against inflation, it will seek to beat it in terms of real value.

Are you looking for a financial advisor or planner?

Some people tie themselves up in knots, wondering whether they should be looking for a financial adviser or a financial planner. If you’re going to appoint us here at Moneyfarm as your specialist financial adviser Liverpool, you can stop worrying. The financial services we offer fulfil both functions.


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Our financial planners evaluate your financial situation and offer appropriate advice. Financial planning is absolutely key. It’s one of the things we do best – alongside building and managing effective, diverse investment portfolios.

As an investor, you will probably have three requirements. The first is to have readily available money at the drop of a hat to pay for any emergency situations that might arise. A Cash ISA may well be the most suitable vehicle for this need.

It’s also a good idea to have some short-term investments that will help you in the near future to do things like purchase your first property. A Lifetime ISA could be the answer to this type of financial need.

You can save money into a Lifetime ISA up to the value of £4,000 per annum up to the age of 50. After that, the governments will donate a 25% bonus to your account to a maximum of £1,000 per annum. You must, however, make your first payment into a Lifetime ISA before you are forty. The £4,000 per annum you can invest will form part of your annual ISA allowance.

We can assist you with all your financial planning and then advise you on the best way to meet your targets. That’s why so many people choose us to be their financial advisor in Liverpool.

Is it best to work with an independent or non-independent financial adviser?

We recommend working with an independent financial advisor in Liverpool. But it’s not just because we here at Moneyfarm are an independent organisation. It’s because if you work with a wealth specialist affiliated with another organisation, any investment products they offer you are likely to be biased toward that other organisation.

Here at Moneyfarm, thanks to our total independence, we are not obliged to offer specific products. Therefore, we are completely free hand and will construct an investment portfolio that best meets your needs.

Is the Moneyfarm platform the best choice for your Liverpool financial adviser?

Yes, we believe it is. However, of course, you must be the judge of that. We can promise you that we will provide you with a service covering all your investment needs. We are, of course, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you’re looking to find an IFA in Liverpool, the online service we at Moneyfarm provide is second to none. So why not visit our website today and see for yourself?


Is it worth paying for a financial advisor?

It is worth paying for a financial advisor if you are busy and looking for someone who can help you manage your money. On the other hand, if you have very little financial knowledge and your finances are disorganized, you might want to get a financial advisor to help you organize your finances and build an investment strategy that works for you.

Who needs a financial advisor?

Anyone starting a pension or is close to retirement, starting a family or looking to buy their first house, making a significant career change, or having multiple investment accounts. The list is endless, so get a financial advisor if you feel stuck and need some financial advice.

How to find a financial advisor?

You can find a financial advisor based on recommendations from friends and family. You can look up financial advisors based on your location and the services you want. You can search online or via the telephone directories. The Financial Services Register and PIMFA services are also available.

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