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Dual income, no kids, time to invest

Behind every investment is a person, a person with goals that they’re trying to achieve. This year Moneyfarm takes to the streets to speak to the people behind the investment and share their stories.

Stuart Taylor is a 31 year-old living in London. Last September he married the love of his life, and the wedding ate into more of their savings than he’d maybe like to admit. As a finance director Stuart knows that not having a reserve isn’t really an option, which is why he started investing little and often with Moneyfarm last year.

Planning a wedding, and an investment

In the year you get married, looking for an investment provider might not be high on many people’s list; but in amongst the catering, the suit, and the final touches, Stuart found the time to seek out an investment provider.

Having come across Moneyfarm in a newspaper last March he logged on to the site to take a look around. The fact there was an app and it was easy to use was a big factor in his decision to invest. Stuart started investing relatively small amounts monthly.

Limited investment options

“When you’re planning a wedding, you need money in cash to pay the various bills as they come in” Stuart recounted the way he’s had to manage his finances over the last year. The need to have that money to pay the wedding bills meant there wasn’t a huge amount left over to invest.

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By making an investment, your capital is at risk.

Usually that would rule out most investment options, but since Moneyfarm has a simple and transparent pricing structure, it’s easier to start investing. Stuart has now built up enough in his account to have a diversified portfolio, and this is another thing that he loves.

Worry free wealth management

“I work as a head of finance, looking at numbers and things that are happening in my industry, I don’t want to do this again when I get home. It’s reassuring to know there’s a team of experts in the background, so you don’t really have to worry about market movements.”

So far, Stuart has been impressed with Moneyfarm, he’s seen strong performance and he likes the combination of technology and people, he had nothing but nice things to say about our investment consultants.

As for what comes next for Stuart and his wife, well, they’ve lived together for a while so there aren’t any huge changes. They’re at a stage in their life where they both have a good income, they own a property, and they don’t have any children yet, this is probably the peak of their wealth before they have to feed another mouth. Which in Stuart’s mind makes it the perfect time to invest, and if somebody can make it worry free, then even better.

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