Strategic Asset Allocation 2022

Every year at Moneyfarm, we take the opportunity to fully assess the investment landscape and adjust our strategy accordingly. From this assessment, we lay out our expectations for the coming 10 years, looking at different geographies and asset classes to build a complete picture. Our Strategic Asset Allocation document for 2022 is ready to download – just put in your email address and we’ll send you a link.

The document includes:

    • Our outlook for the markets in 2022 and beyond
    • An introduction from our Chief Investment Officer, Richard Flax
    • Key considerations for the future
    • Expected returns by asset class
    • Risk, volatilities and correlations
    • How our strategic asset allocation process works

If you’ve got any questions about our Strategic Asset Allocation for 2022, feel free to book a call with one of our Investment Consultants or get in touch directly at 0800 4334574.


* Once submitted we will email you a link to download the ebook.