Taking the emotion out of investing

MONEYFARM’S GUIDE TO Cool, calm and collected investments

The complete guide to the emotions that impact your financial decisions

Is there a best time to invest? Is there a better mind set to be in when investing? Or is it something you should just get on with?

It’s very easy to say put your emotions to one side and make decisions based on the facts in front of you. But when there’s money involved, and your livelihood at stake, everything becomes somewhat emotional.

This eBook will teach you about the different emotions your financial decisions are prey to, and the risks these emotions present. We’ll also go through ways to manage these emotions to ensure that you get a better outcome.

The guide will cover:

  • Five ways emotions can lead to bad investment choices
  • The bandwagon effect
  • The disposition effect
  • Familiarity
  • Overconfidence
  • Analysis paralysis
  • And much more


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