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Moneyfarm Decodes: What can investors learn from football?

Richard Flax, Chief Investment Officer, Moneyfarm

From our research Moneyfarm Decodes: The business of football, we found there are really two key things investors can learn from football.

The first is how important it is to plan and construct your portfolio to make sure each component works individually, but also how the different assets – whether they be players or investments – work together as a unit.

The second is about uncertainty. We have to deal with uncertainty as investors, as we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future and we have to build portfolios that can manage that.

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The is includes volatility, both in the market and emotionally. It’s important you have the focus and determination to stay the course and stick to the plan you’ve already set out, even when market fluctuations might cause you some concern.

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Using data and the expertise from football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson, we’ve matched managerial approaches of premiership teams against investor profiles to examine how success on the field can be translated to personal wealth management.

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