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Introducing the Asset Allocation Team Blog


We’re very pleased to introduce a new section on the Moneyfarm blog, dedicated to the Asset Allocation Team.

On the Asset Allocation Team, as part of our activity of structuring and managing portfolios, we produce a lot of research and internal commentary, sometimes on specific events or data releases and sometimes on industry topics. We’ve often thought that we should share more of that commentary with our customers – to give a sense of what we’re thinking, the issues we’re wrestling with and the topics that we believe matter most for markets and our portfolios.

As such, we have decided to create this new channel of communication on top of our usual activity, to offer you a deeper perspective on how we work and the issues we focus on. You can find our blog at this address, or through our usual communication channels: our main blog homepage, our newsletter (click here if you’re not already subscribed) or your dashboard.

A few points to note: First, it’s a blog – the comments won’t be perfectly polished, so we’ll apologise for that in advance. Second, the comments will reflect our thinking at a particular moment. Those views can change, and they’ll probably show the uncertainty that’s a feature of our daily life as investors. That might be a bit disconcerting at times, but it’s the world we operate in and our process needs to engage with this uncertainty. Third, like all investors, we look for insights in lots of different places. When we do share those insights, we’ll always do our best to give credit to the sources – partly because it’s right and partly because it might point you to other interesting commentators. If we forget occasionally, please forgive us! Finally, this is a bit of an experiment and we’ll keep trying to improve it.

We’ll share things that we think are interesting, and hopefully you’ll feel the same way.


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Written by Richard Flax


Richard is the Chief Investment Officer at Moneyfarm. He joined the company in 2016. He is responsible for all aspects of portfolio management and portfolio construction. Prior to joining Moneyfarm, Richard worked in London as an equity analyst and portfolio manager at PIMCO and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and as a fixed income analyst at Fleming Asset Management. Richard began his career in finance in the mid-1990s in the global economics team at Morgan Stanley in New York. He has a BA from Cambridge University in History, an MA from Johns Hopkins University in International Relations and Economics, and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He is a CFA charterholder.

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